We are specialized in producing Random tower packings, Structure tower packings, Demisters, Tower internals, Rubber expansion joints, PTFE expansion joints, Metallic expansion joints, Fabric expansion joints in China.
tower packing

Our manufacture processes:
1.Pall ring
2.Tellerette ring
3.Raschig ring
4.Intalox saddle ring
5. Heilex ring
6.Cascade ring
7.Nutter ring
8.VSP ring
9.Plastic structure packing
10. Metal structure packing
11. Ceramic structure packing
12.Inert ceramic ball
13.Activated alumina ball
14.Liquid distributor
15.Support plate
16.Demister Mist Eliminator
17.Bed limitor
18.Bubble cap trays
19. Hollow Polypropylene balls
20.PTFE expansion joints
21. Rubber expansion joints
22.Metallic expansion joints
23.Fabric expansion joints
24.Activiate carbon
25.Molecular sieve 3A
26.Molecular sieve 4A
27.Molecular sieve 5A
28.Molecular sive 13X

The material included: PP,PVC,PE,CPVC, PVDF, PA66, PFA, PTFE, PP+Fiber glass, carbon steel, stainless steel, Monel,brass alloy and aluminum alloy.


Plastic Tower Packings : Pall rings,Tellerette rings,IMTP ring, rashing rings,Heilix ring , Hair ring, PP float ball, Saddle ring, Ladder ring, PP,PVC,CPVC,PVDF,PTFE......

Metal Tower packings : Pall ring, Intalox metal tower packing IMTP, Ladder ring, Conjugate ring, VSP ring, Metal Tellerette ring,
Nutter ring, Improved tower packing, Carbon steel, SS304, SS316, SS304L, SS316L, Aluminium,etc

Ceramic tower packings : Ceramic grinding ball, Inert ceramic ball,Pall ringCross-partition ring, Active alumina, Ceramic pall ring, Ceramic Rashig ring, Ceramic Intalox, Cascade ring..

Tower internals :Liquid Distributors,Bed Limiters, Support Plates,Collector/Chimney Trays,Baffle plate, Eliminators,
Demisters, Scrubbers...

Structure tower packings : Plastic, Metal, Ceramic structure tower packing, Perforated plate Corrugated packing, Gauze corrugated structure tower packing,

Ceramic brick, ball s : Acid Resistant Ceramic bricks Plate, Honeycomb ceramics, Filter brick plate and Pipe, Ceramic Dome Arch,Ceramic filter grain,sand...

Active carbon :Wood Based Granular Activate carbon,Nut Shell Based Activate carbon,Coal Based granular Activate carbon

Molecular Sieve : Model: 3A, 4A, 5A, 5A-DW, 10X, 13X, 13X-AS, CU-13X Molecular Sieve for Chemial, Oil, ,separation,
air,and natural gas processes

We can also produce Rubber expansion joints, PTFE expansion joints, Metallic expansion joints and fabric expansion joints.

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